White Label PPC For Agencies: 5 Reasons to Consider Using White Label PPC Management

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White labelling is a method for hiring another agency to act as part of your agency, in order to seamlessly manage your PPC clients.

This is ideal if you do not have the internal staff to handle high level PPC management and would like to deliver this service within your agency, and without needing to hire additional full-time employees.

Although you’re outsourcing all of the work, you retain the client. The white label agency simply acts and behaves as part of your company.

Pay for What You Need

If your agency has a relatively small number of clients that require PPC management, it might not make sense to hire a full-time in-house PPC specialist.

Using a white label PPC service instead will give you the ability to keep your costs low, and ensure that you only pay for the amount of work required for your current clients.

White Label PPC Offers Flexibility

A white label PPC service will have the resources match the level of demand you have from your clients.

You can access a reliable team of PPC specialists to meet a sudden influx in demand.

Likewise, when you have a temporary lull in demand for PPC services, you can simply cut back.

High Level of Expertise

In-house staff, especially those that are close to entry-level, take time to build on their experience and expertise.

Using a white label PPC service, you can instantly tap into a high level of expertise from specialists who have many years of experience building and managing successful campaigns.

Lower Your Overall Costs

White label PPC specialists have very efficient and streamlined processes for managing accounts. For this reason they’re services are extremely cost effective while delivering optimal results for clients.

The cost for a good white label PPC service should be significantly lower than the cost for hiring an in-house specialist, even when managing the same number of accounts.

This is also while delivering a higher level of performance for client campaigns that you would expect from a specialist with a track-record of success managing numerous accounts over the course of their career.

Permanent Relationship

In-house account managers can move on to other companies, taking all of the knowledge, experience and expertise that they’ve built up with them.

With a white label PPC company, you can remain in contact and maintain a long-term relationship with specialists who will always be ready to work on your client’s accounts when you need them.

Need Help With Your Clients’ PPC Accounts?

If you feel your clients’ campaigns are not working as effectively as they could, or you believe you could benefit from a white label PPC service, then feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll have one of our specialists get in contact with you.

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