Should I Use Google Ads For My Business?

philip November 5, 2019 0 Comments

A question I’m asked very often is “should I use Google Ads for my business?

When I am advising a new client on whether or not Google Ads (AdWords) is going to be a good option for their website or business, there are five considerations that I will go through with them to help decide if Google Ads will be a good option for their business.

1. Are people actively searching on Google for the product or service that you offer?

Google allows you to be in the right place at the right time when someone knows what they’re looking for and are searching for it.

But if your type of service is very new and people aren’t searching for it on a daily basis yet, then Google Ads might not be the best way for you to reach your customers.

2. What is your advertising budget?

How much are you willing to risk/invest to make this work? This is an important consideration because a successful Google Ads campaign is built on data.

Data on which keywords, settings, and ads are effective for your target market. And this data takes time and money to accumulate.

For this reason it’s worth planning out what you’re expecting to invest and over what time-frame to make this work.

3. What are your objectives?

What are you expecting in return for your investment? Here it’s useful to define some KPI’s (key performance indicators), and alongside this, project what the likely performance metrics for your campaign will be.

How well do these match up? How realistic are your objectives? Are you likely to generate the volume of sales or clients that you need for your campaign to be profitable? If not, then it may not be a good investment.

4. Have you explored other forms of marketing?

Have you considered other forms of marketing, especially those that can be more cost effective, or give you a better ‘bang for your buck’?

Reaching your target customer through other channels such as social media, email, or networking face-to-face could be highly effective and work out much cheaper.

If you’ve tested other marketing channels, were these successful? Was there a lot of demand for your product and service? Did your landing page get a good conversion rate?

Why are you looking to set up a Google Ads campaign?

The best reason to turn to Google Ads, is because you’re seeing high demand for your product/service, and you’re looking to scale things up.

The power of Google Ads is that it allows you to build on this success by delivering a predictable volume of new prospective clients, at a predictable cost.

Imagine your company is a fire that you’re building; as it heats up, Google Ads would be the petrol you can pour on that fire to make it roar.

If you’re service; product; website; offer; are untested however, Google Ads may not be the most cost-effective place to test these.

Need Help With Your Google Ads Account?

If you need help in deciding whether or not Google Ads is a good option for your business, then feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll have one of our specialists get in contact with you.

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