Landing Pages That Convert In Google Ads – 10 Top Tips

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One of the most important variables which determines the success of a Google Ads campaign, is the landing page.

The campaign settings, targeting and ads generate the traffic; but ultimately that traffic must be converted into a lead or sale by the landing page.

You can have an extremely well set up Google’s Ad campaign that attracts customers who are dying for your product or service, but if you don’t engage those visitors once they’re on your website, and entice them into a sale, then they’ll simply leave and buy from another website.

Through our experience reviewing Google Ads campaigns, we’ve seen which landing pages convert, and which do not, and based on this we’ve compiled a list of 10 Top Tips that you need for a high landing page conversion rate.

1. Fast Page Speed

The speed at which your landing page loads is one of the most important factors for determining its conversion rate.

People these days want everything to load instantly and will have very little patience for a page that’s taking more than two or three seconds to load.

If your page is taking more than three seconds to load for either desktop or mobile, then this is certainly an area you should be committing attention to.

Any time you can shave off of your page load speed is going to translate directly into a higher conversion rate, and ultimately more money in yours or your client’s bank account.

Luckily there are some great tools for assessing your landing page’s load speed and identifying areas where improvements can be made:

Google Page Speed Insights

2. Strong Call to Action

There needs to be a clear indication of what visitors need to do once they land on your page.

Visitors don’t want to spend time digging around and hunting for the next step they need to take in order to buy your product or service.

If the visitor needs to be fill out a form in order to place their order, this needs to be clearly stated, and this is achieved with a call-to-action. For example a big “Order Now” button on the form, gives a clear indication.

A call-to-action needs to be bold, and stand out by contrasting with the colour scheme of the page so that the visitor’s eyes lock onto it straight away.

3. Responsiveness

Is your page responsive and easy to navigate on mobile and tablet devices? As more and more people are choosing to browse the web on their smartphones, it’s becoming increasingly important for your website to perform well and look good on mobile.

4. Limit Linking to Other Pages

Having links to other pages on your own or other websites can pull visitors away from your landing page, and the specific action you would like them to take.

Limiting the number of links you have on your landing page can help channel visitors towards the action that will ultimately generate revenue for your business.

5. Great Content Above the Fold

Is there valuable information above the fold of your page? Many visitors won’t scroll past the top of your landing page. Again, visitors are impatient, and want quick answers to their queries.

It helps to place information about your product or service’s main features and benefits in bullet-point format above the fold, along with a clear call-to-action to give you the best chance of converting visitors within the first few seconds of them landing on the page.

6. Excellent Brand Messaging

Do you have a strong brand that exudes authority, and integrity within your sector? Visitors pay a lot of attention to the feeling and vibe they get from your website’s branding.

This includes your domain name!

We’ve performed tests with landing pages, where the only change we have made is to the domain name, and we’ve seen a proportional difference of conversion rate of 25%.

7. Credibility & Transparency

It’s important to come across as legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. People want to do business and buy from people that they can trust.

Make sure it’s easy for visitors to access your terms, privacy policy, contact information, and details of how you will secure their information.

8. Unique Product or Service

Is the product or service that you’re offering unique or differentiated from your competitors in any way? And if not, are you presenting service in a different way from your competitors?

If you’re offering the same thing as all of the other advertisers, then why what will make prospective customers choose you?

Without a competitive edge, any marketing campaign being run may struggle to produce results.

9. No Spammy Content and Features

Does your site have any annoying pop-ups? Is it full of ads? Are there multiple email optin forms. These types of features can reduce your page’s overall conversion rate.

10. A/B Testing

No landing page is perfect, and you can always find ways of squeezing more conversions out of your visitors.

Split or A/B testing, gives you experiment with new ideas and to identify new layouts, content, and call-to-actions which generate higher conversion rates.

Need Help With Your Google Ads Account?

If you think your landing page conversion rates are not as high as they should be, and would like an expert to review your page, then feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll have one of our specialists get in contact with you.

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