Creating Automated Rules in Google Ads

philip February 18, 2020 0 Comments

Automated Rules can help you to save time and manage your Google Ads account more reliably and efficiently.

There are a variety of different changes can be made within an account using automated rules, that can save you time on repetitive tasks.

Some of The Things You Can Do With Automated Rules


  • Enable or pause campaigns – at specific date or after specific performance
  • Increase or decrease campaign budgets
  • Receive email alerts


  • Enable or pause keywords
  • Change keyword bids (if using manual or enhanced CPC)
  • Receive email alerts


  • Enable or pause ads
  • Receive email alerts

Limitations of Automated Rules

Automated rules can be extremely useful, but they have limitations. There are certain complex changes that would be very useful, but that you cannot make, such as pausing all campaigns once the aggregated spend across those campaigns meets a certain amount.

This limitation of not being able to aggregate data across separate assets extends to keywords and ads also.

Always Preview The Changes of the Automated Rule

When setting up automated rules you’ll be given the option to ‘Preview’ the changes that the automated rule will make.

You should always take this option to double check that the rule you have set up will have the effect that you intend.

It’s important to note here that the system will simulate the changes that would be made if the rule ran immediately.

So if your rule is set to pause a campaign at a specific date in the future, and that campaign is currently paused, the Preview will indicate that there will be zero changes.

Always Check The Changes of the Automated Rule

Automated rules can make the management of an account easier, but they don’t absolve you of your responsibility as the account manager.

You should always check that the intended change has been made by the automated rule.

There’s even the option to receive ‘Email Results’ which can serve as a useful reminder. I recommend selecting to receive alerts ‘Every time this rule runs’.


Automated rules can be an effective way of improving the speed and reliability of account management.

However it’s important to note that they can be a double edged sword, as if used incorrectly they can result in unintended changes being made to campaigns.

It must be stressed that these changes can prove to be very costly, and so it is therefore essential to always double check the changes made by automated rules.

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