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Responsive Search Ads Format

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) differ from Expanded Text Ads (ETA) in that the ad format includes a much larger number of headlines and descriptions.

You can define up to 12 separate headlines and four descriptions for each ad, and for this reason it’s useful to have a Responsive Ads Template to hand in order to quickly build ads for your campaign using the new format.

Ad Testing and Headline Positions

Although you can add up to 12 headlines, only up to three of these headlines can show at any one time. Google’s algorithm will cycle the headlines in order to find the combination with the best performance.

For each headline, and description, you can define the intended position within the ad. For example if a specific headline is intended to go in the first line of the ad only, you can attribute a position of 1 to that headline.

If the position for that headline is not important however, you can leave the position blank, and Google will test that headline in all positions.
Google does not supply advertisers with the performance data for each of the ad attributes, taking all control of the testing out of the advertisers hands. For this reason I recommend testing RSA alongside a number of ETA’s that you continue to control the testing of.

Responsive Search Ads Tips

When creating RSA for the first time:

  • Ensure that there are no duplicate headlines or descriptions within your ad
  • Use one RSA per ad group
  • Test Responsive Search Ads against Expanded Text Ads within ad groups.
  • We recommend having three ETA in each ad group.
  • Pin headlines to the headline 1, and description line 1. This helps to ensure that your ad will read well.

Do Responsive Search Ads Perform Better Than Expanded Text Ads?

The short answer to this, is that sometimes RSA perform better, and sometimes ETA perform better.

It’s important to test both ad types against each other within ad groups in order to identify which ad type performs better within a given campaign.

Test different headlines and descriptions, making tweaks and adjusments based the results in order to continually improve the performance of your ads.

Do You Need Help With Creating Responsive Search Ads for Your Google Ads Account?

If you’d like assistance with setting up Responsive Search Ads within your account, then feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll have one of our specialists assist you.

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