Google Ads Reps to Begin Managing Client Accounts

Google is Running a Trial in Which Google Ads Reps Will Begin Managing a Sample of Customer Accounts


A selection of Google Ads customers/advertisers have been notified that adjustments will begin being made to their account by Google staff after receiving an email reading:

We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business
– Google Ads

Users Have 7 Days to Opt Out

After receiving this email, customers will automatically be opted-in if they do not choose to opt-out within seven days, and Google can then begin making adjustments to campaigns.

Customers can choose to opt-out at any time by contacting Google.


Changes Google Can Make

  • Keyword targeting – adding or removing keywords
  • Keyword Bids
  • Adjusting Ad Copy
  • Enabling Advanced Features
  • Adjusting Campaign Structure


Changes Google Cannot Make

  • Increasing/decreasing budgets
  • Adjusting campaign schedule


Advertisers Are Still Responsible for Their Account’s Performance

Google doesn’t guarantee or promise any particular results from implementing these changes, including impact on your campaign performance or spend.

Make sure you monitor your account regularly so you understand what’s happening and can make campaign adjustments.

– Google Ads

Advertisers will be responsible for the results of any changes made within the account, and therefore need to ensure that they fully understand all changes that are being made and keep a close eye on performance.


Customers That Will Benefit

Customers that will likely benefit from this new pilot scheme are those who have no one actively optimising their accounts, and therefore may potentially have a high level of ad spend being wasted.

Google cannot reduce the account budgets, but could potentially allocate that spend to a more effective selection of keywords, ads, and landing pages.


Muscling Out Agencies and Campaign Managers

A Google spokesperson has made a statement to Search Engine Land that Google is not looking to cut out marketing agencies form the picture, but to supplement the work that they do, allowing them to spend more time on the top-level strategy for clients.


What Does the End Game Look Like for Google?

In an ideal situation, advertiser’s accounts would be quickly set up and managed ongoing using Google’s own artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence would have the capability to assess an advertisers’ business and objectives and work to continually maximise the profit generated by campaigns. This would minimise or even eliminate the need for the involvement of a consultant.


Google’s automated optimisation features, such as automated bidding strategies and Smart Campaigns, could be some the first steps toward this ideal situation – however it appears to still be a far reach away.

It is still not clear whether a machine could be capable of understanding a client’s business and develop a meaningful and effective strategy for reaching their objectives.

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