More Sales
Reduced CPA
Conversion Rate
More Customers at a Lower Cost
Investment Comparison needed a greater number of leads for their sales staff, the CPA was far too high at £40. We were able to redirect wasted ad spend away from non-relevant keywords to those that were driving sales, resulting in an increase of over 400%.
  • Optimised keyword targeting to eliminate the ad spend being wasted on non-relevant terms.
  • Adjusted bids and campaign settings for a 50% lower CPA price of £19.86.
  • Assisted in developing the landing page content and layout in order to increase user responses.
  • The number of sales increased from 226 in Q1 to 941 in Q4 – a 416% increase within the year.
  • The cost for acquiring leads saw a significant decrease of 53% from, £41.98 to £19.86.
  • With adjustments made to the landing page, the conversion rates saw an improvement from 5.95% to 10.45%.
Conversion Rate
Ad Position
Higher Return on Ad Spend
The Google Ads account that had been set up was in need of an ad manager. After reviewing the account it was clear that it required optimisation to reduce wasted ad spend and generate more exposure for Auraglow’s best performing products.
  • Adjusted bids to focus ad spend on the products and keywords that were generating the highest sales value.
  • Optimised product and keyword targeting to reduce wasted ad spend.
  • Improved ad copy and removed under-performing ads.
  • Return on Ad Spend improved from 229% to 348% – a 52% increase.
  • Conversion rates improved by 16% proportionally from 2.98% to 3.45%.
  • Average ad position improved from 2.7 to 0.1
More Enquiries
Reduced CPA
Conversion Rate
Increased Enquiries at a Lower CPA
Remploy wanted to increase the number of enquiries that they were generating for their workplace support services and needed help identifying the keywords which would enable them to reach their target market.
  • New keywords were researched and the targeting was expanded to bring in a greater number of potential clients.
  • Keyword level bids were optimised – weighting a higher level of spend toward keywords with high conversion rates.
  • Landing pages were optimised to guide visitors to fill in the contact form.
  • Customer enquiries generated within the quarter increased from 75 per month to 170, a 126% increase.
  • CPA was reduced by 52% from £20.90 to £10.
  • Conversion rate improved by 122% from 3.79% to 8.43%
Reduced CPA
Increased Enquiries at a Lower CPA
The campaigns required optimisation to reallocate spend from the lowest performing areas of campaigns to the best performing areas. This adjustment allowed for a greater number of customer enquiries at a lower cost per conversion.
  • Keyword level bids were optimised to focus the ad spend on the keywords delivering customer enquiries at the best rate.
  • Wasted ad spend was reduced, and reallocated to the best performing areas of the campaign.
  • Ad copy was optimised to increase engagement from prospective customers.
  • Monthly customer enquiries increased by 130% from 1046 to 2404.
  • The cost per acquisition was reduced by $54% from $13.16 to $6.05.
  • Ad CTRs rose from 4.26% to 21.95%, a 415% increase.
Reduced CPA
Increased Search Presence and Number of Bookings
As one of the leading providers of paintball and laser tag events in the country Bunker 51 wanted to dominate the paid search results to increase their bookings and sales. By restructuring their campaigns we were able to help them accomplish this.
  • Focused ad spend on the keywords that were producing the greatest number of bookings.
  • Reduced wasted ad spend and reallocated this to the best performing areas of campaigns.
  • Optimised the keyword targeting, and improved the ad copy.
  • Increased customer bookings by 128%.
  • Reduced average cost per booking by 38% from £17.18 to £10.68.
  • Increased CTRs from 2.8% to 17.2%, a 514% increase.
Increased Lead Volume & Ad Engagement
Testmate is a leading user testing and user experience research company. The objective with the account was to maximise the volume of relevant traffic to the website, and the volume of leads generated, by increasing the impression share and ad engagement.
  • Improved the relevance of keyword targeting.
  • Tested new creative and ads.
  • Optimised bid strategy settings.
  • Significantly improved ad engagement.
  • With a higher search impression share, traffic saw a large increase.
  • Lead volume saw a dramatic increase.